Everyone needs a computer these days. That’s just a fact of life. Some people rely on smartphones as their own personal computers, but that’s not a viable option for most people. Instead, you’re going to be looking at either laptops or desktop PCs. If you’re in the market for a home computer, then chances are you are going to want a desktop solution. They’re more powerful, and you can achieve more with them, which is what you should want in a home unit. However, now you’re presented with a challenging choice. On the one hand, you could take the time to build the new machine by yourself. On the other, you could just buy a prebuilt computer. What should you do? This isn’t an easy choice. It’s not one you can make without doing some kind of research or consideration first. We’ve created this short informational guide to let you know the facts about prebuilt computers. That way, by the time you are done reading, […]

As prolific as violence is in videogames, it doesn’t meant that you’re going to be exposed to it in every game you play. There are varying degrees of violence in games, ranging from extreme to mild. Not every popular franchise relies on blood and gore as the selling point, so if you’re the kind of gamer that would prefer to steer away from an overexposure to violence, there are many titles you can check out that will probably still be enjoyable. While most of these are going to be indie titles, there are some other big name titles that may surprise you in regards to how little violence is in them. Portal and Portal 2 While there is some violence in the Portal games, it’s nowhere near as explicit or gratuitous as what you’d find in other games. Portal is mainly a puzzle game and that’s where it shines. It’s not only about the puzzles, however; both games have a continuing storyline that is both […]