Pet’s Health Issues

A lot of people really think that having a small house dog is going to keep you a lot healthier. Sure, there might be rumors and some studies that want to tell you that they can lower your blood pressure and make you feel a lot better, but that’s honestly not going to end up being the case at all. These dogs are more akin to having a toddler than anything else, and as we all know, that can really end up driving up your blood pressure as a general rule. They Get into Everything One of the many reasons that having a small dog is not going to keep you healthy is that they tend to get into everything that’s in your house. Leave down a trash bag? Well, they’re still going to go rooting through it. Just because they’re smaller than the average animal doesn’t mean that they don’t have instincts, and those instincts usually include the idea of eating everything that’s in […]