There are few things trickier than trying to improve the kissing of a new girlfriend. It’s hard to put up with because a bad kisser makes kissing boring; without enough kissing, it’s hard to move on to the next step in a relationship, which could be things that she’s much better at. Never the less there is simply no good way to tell a woman that she’s not a very good kisser. You don’t want to insult her and you don’t want to damage a new relationship, but you also don’t want to have to put up with bad kisses. Here’s what you should do in order to ease her into these corrections sooner rather than later. Don’t Jump into the Corrections Even if your girlfriend is the worst kisser you’ve ever encountered you need to put up with it at first. If you try to tackle this issue the very first time you kiss, or when you’re only kissing her goodnight at the end […]

When you are having trouble with money, everything feels like there is no end in sight. You feel like maybe you can even do the simple things in life. Luckily sex only requires another person, and hot, hot sex comes free if you are willing to experiment. Leaving your sexual encounters in missionary style is just going to get bland after a while, but if you would rather keep things spicy, you need to go further. A change in mentality or even is position does worlds to switch up your sex, and doing things like toys or other forms of kink will really light up your night. New Positions Changing the way you go about sex is free. With a quick search on the Internet or a flip through a book, a whole new, sexual world will open up for you. There are sex positions for every day, and each one feels different and will engender different kinds of dynamic between you and your partner. […]