Intimidating Interview Processes and You: Do They Help or Hurt You?

Giving interviews to prospective employees is not one of the more fun aspects of being a boss, but it is unfortunately a necessary evil. You need to be able to give good interviews so that you can get good quality employees each time that you are seeking more workers. Employees are the backbone of your company on the basis for its success. For this reason, you really cannot get away with poor quality interviews. You may be under the assumption that intimidating reviews of the best times to give. You may think that by intimidating your prospective employees, you are ensuring that you only get the best and the boldest. However, intimidating review processes are not always a good idea. You’re going to want to know if these types of interviews help you or hurt you. It’s important information, and it will help you understand the best way to give interviews. This way, you can always be certain that you are going to be hiring the best quality employees for the job. Here is everything you need to keep in mind when you are trying to decide what type of interviews to give.

When They Can Help You

An Intimidating Interview Processes Can Help You With Hiring
An Intimidating Interview Processes Can Help You With Hiring
Sometimes, intimidating interviews can help you. It all depends on what type of job you are interviewing employees for and what type of employees you are looking to hire. If the job is demanding and you are specifically looking for employees that will not snap under pressure, then an intimidating interview process can be quite helpful. This is not something you’re going to know until you try, however, but it can still be helpful if you are specifically looking for candidates who will be bold and courageous under pressure. People who can perform well in an extremely intimidating interview will probably be able to perform well in a high paced and stressful work environment. That’s something you want to be able to tell, so it may be helpful for you to make your interviews intimidating for this reason.

When They Can Hurt You

On the other hand, intimidating interview processes are not always a good idea. In some instances, they can actively hurt your chances at hiring the right employee. For example, if you are interviewing someone who just happens to be having a bad day or who does not know how to give a good interview, you could wind up scaring off what would’ve been a very good employee. Sometimes, people don’t work well under pressure in interviews, but they can work well under pressure in a job. It all depends on the person, the process, and the situation. It’s not always worth the risk to be intimidating in your interviews, since it could drive good candidates off.

Doing Them Right

If you’re going to be giving intimidating interviews, you want to know how to do them right. This is not always easy. First of all, you want to avoid being actively antagonistic to the person you are interviewing. This is going to give the wrong impression and it is not going to give the effect you want. It is better to try and be distant and cold because this can be extremely intimidating to some people. Little things like taking notes during the interview or looking at them in silence for a little too long can be just intimidating enough. You do not want it to be extremely obvious that you are trying to intimidate them, or the whole ruse will come down around your ears. It does take effort, but it may be worth it in the end.