How to Get Her to Kiss Better Without Insulting Her

There are few things trickier than trying to improve the kissing of a new girlfriend. It’s hard to put up with because a bad kisser makes kissing boring; without enough kissing, it’s hard to move on to the next step in a relationship, which could be things that she’s much better at. Never the less there is simply no good way to tell a woman that she’s not a very good kisser. You don’t want to insult her and you don’t want to damage a new relationship, but you also don’t want to have to put up with bad kisses. Here’s what you should do in order to ease her into these corrections sooner rather than later.

Don’t Jump into the Corrections

Do Not Correct Her Technique Right Away
Do Not Correct Her Technique Right Away
Even if your girlfriend is the worst kisser you’ve ever encountered you need to put up with it at first. If you try to tackle this issue the very first time you kiss, or when you’re only kissing her goodnight at the end of your dates, it’s simply too soon. There’s no possible way to correct her kissing technique that early without coming off like an ungrateful fool who won’t be kissing her at all if that’s his attitude.

Demonstrate the Way You Want to Be Kissed

The first time you have a chance to correct her manner of kissing is when you have a make out session. This is when the two of you are going to be spending a lot of time kissing, defining kissing, and finding out what the other likes. The best thing for you to do is get her alone, settle in, and kiss several times the way that she naturally kisses. Then you can tell her that you want to show her something, and demonstrate the way you prefer to be kissed. For an example, let’s say that your girlfriend opens her mouth far too wide when you kiss. You like the idea of Frenching, but you don’t like that she puts her lips all over the outside of your mouth and you wind up covered with her spit.

Lean her back, run your fingers through her hair, and say that sometimes you like kissing with a little more force. Then give her a closed mouth kiss with more pressure from your lips. Try it a few times, and ask her if she likes it. She’ll probably say yes (because that’s a better way of kissing than what she had before) and also because she wants to please you. At this point in the relationship, everything is about making each other happy.

Repeat the Lessons as Needed

Don’t expect her to change her entire kissing style in one lesson. It might take her several times to realize that when you say you like kissing that way sometimes, you mean all the time. Just start kissing her the way you want to be kissed when you’re making out; often, that change is all you have to do in order to remind her of the way that you enjoy things. The key to doing this well is to never bring it up or talk about it too much directly. You don’t want your girlfriend to have to think about what you’re really saying when you get her to kiss a different way.

Ask Her What She Likes in a Kiss

In order to make things fair, you need to ask her how she likes her kisses. Brace yourself for that same kiss that you don’t like: there’s the chance that she kisses that way, with her mouth far too open and her lips moist because that’s what feels good to her. It’s hard to believe that anyone could prefer a kiss that bad over a fun kiss, but some people have very different tastes. If you do discover that she kisses poorly because it feels amazing to her you have to decide early on if you can deal with that or not.