Finding the Right Employee with Fun and Interesting Interview Questions

Interviews can be extremely boring for both the candidate and the interviewer. The candidate has probably searched the Internet for common interview questions, and you have probably asked the same questions to candidate after candidate for more times than you can count. When you really want to make things more exciting, as well as see exactly who your candidate is, you should make things a lot more interesting by asking unique questions that your candidate couldn’t have possibly prepared for.

Ask Questions that Seem Silly But Reveal a Lot About the Candidate

Ask Fun And Interesting Questions To Candidates
Ask Fun And Interesting Questions To Candidates
There are several silly questions out there that you may want to consider asking potential candidates. When asked, these questions may not seem to make sense to the candidate, but the answers may tell you a lot about the candidate that they may not reveal when asked the typical, ‘Define your type of leadership’ questions. One question you can ask is what their favorite cereal is. Make sure to watch their facial expression. This question will more than likely surprise them at first. Then they will mentally try to decide what type of answer you want from them. When they give you’re their answer, don’t forget to ask them why it’s their favorite cereal.

The reason you want to ask this questions (and similar questions) is that it causes the candidate to either tell the truth, or to lie to save face. A 30-year-old man may not want to reveal that his favorite cereal is Lucky Charms. He may tell you that his favorite cereal is Raisin Bran instead. This may not be the candidate that you’re looking for, especially if you want someone who isn’t afraid to be themselves and can appreciate being carefree from time to time. You want an employee who is going to stand by their decision, not one who is going to tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy.

Give Unusual Scenario Questions

The Process Doesn't Need To Be Boring
The Process Doesn’t Need To Be Boring
Scenario questions are common during an interview, but they usually consist of you asking a candidate how they would handle an irate customer, or an unruly employee. Chances are the candidate has been asked this questions hundreds of times before and has rehearsed their answer enough that they can answer it without even thinking about it. To make things more interesting, give the candidate a scenario question, but make sure it’s one that they aren’t expecting.

One fun question to ask if how the candidate would handle gathering a large amount of small animals running wild inside an office. You could also answer the humorous question of would the candidate rather fight one hundred duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck. This type of question will surprise the candidate, and they may even laugh, but you should be pay attention to their reasoning. It will help you get a good idea of their deductive and reasoning skills, as well as their priorities.

Interviews don’t have to be the boring things of the past filled with questions that just about every person has either asked or heard. Take some time to search online for fun and interesting questions to ask candidates. The more unique and silly they are, the better chance you will have of finding the perfect person for the job.