Cheap Date Nights

When you are going out with someone you like, the night can get expensive really quickly. Popular date night activities like movies, restaurants, and going out on the town are all activities that can quickly drain your wallet. However, there are easy ways to make sure that you have a fun date night without losing a ton of money. Each date night depends on the level of comfort you have with the person you are going out with, but this list will provide some good ideas for dating for cheap.


Making your own food costs a lot less than going out for lunch, and on a sunny day a picnic is a fun activity that only costs the money that it took to buy the food for your lunch. The sunshine and sitting on a blanket eating a homemade meal has an almost fairytale like feeling to it, and can end up being very romantic for a lunch. A later picnic can turn into romantic star gazing later, which is a great way to get to know your partner, and their attention span.

Cook Together

Love Don't Cost A Thing
Love Don’t Cost A Thing
Once again, making food yourself is a lot cheaper than going out to eat. If you can’t cook, make a fun night of learning how with you date. Learning how to cook together is a really romantic and really silly, and is a good date night no matter what happens if you have the right attitude. If you can cook, make a romantic dinner and show off your skills. A hand cook dinner will probably go over even better than going out to a fancy dinner.

Movie Night In

The movies are a huge money suck. Between the cost of the tickets and the snacks, you could drop up to forty dollars for two hours of entertainment, which is ridiculous and rarely worth it. There are a few alternatives to the theatre, one of which is the dollar theatre and staying in and making your own movie night. The movie night in is a sweet intimate way to have a great date night. You can make your own snacks, and you can be as loud as you want in the privacy of your own home. This kind of movie night is a better way to get to know the person you are dating instead of sitting alone in a dark theatre with hundreds of other people.


There is something magical in lighting a fire, and there are plenty of activities to do with a fire. Make sure that the fire you light is in a safe, designated area, and be sure to practice fire safety and take the necessary steps to make sure that your fire is safe. Once you have your fire light, you can make tin foil dinners and s’mores, and even just sit with each other and talk while watching the fire. The smell of the smoke and the warmth, especially on a brisk night, is a nice way to get a little romance kindled.

Hiking and Biking

Go Biking With Her And Enjoy An Amazing View
Go Biking With Her And Enjoy An Amazing View
Physical activity is a fun way to spend time with your date, as well as get a feeling for what kind of things your date likes and excels at. Hikes and walks are a better way to start a dialogue, and can be as easy as you like. It is a good way to spend time getting to know your date with no distractions from technology or from the hustle and bustle of other people around you. Biking can be a fun way to get to a destination, and could also be a good way to start a friendly competition with your date.

Window Shopping

Walking around town and just window shopping is a fun way to get to know your date’s tastes. This sort of outing affords the ability to people watch and to look at pretty things, and you don’t have to spend a cent. Especially, around the holidays, window shopping is a fun date that can really bring out some interesting conversations and useful information about their tastes.


For the more extraverted couples, karaoke bars are a hilarious and fun way to get to spend time for very little money. For those that don’t like singing, watching other people try karaoke out can be just as fun a way to pass the time. If you don’t like karaoke, just going to a café with music playing or a free outdoor concert for a more romantic mood. There are all sorts of fun ways to date without spending so much money.