In financial circles, the “rent versus buy” argument is bigger than “paper versus plastic” or “Apple versus PC.” Owning a house is like passing some special, invisible barrier into actual adulthood. It’s permanent, it reeks of fiscal responsibility, and it makes us feel a little bit more like functional adults. And despite the economy, it’s good financial sense too. It’s a big decision, so it’s understandable to be wary of leaping into a commitment that large. Here are just a few reasons why it makes better financial sense to buy outright than rent for the rest of your life. Mortgage Rates Are Cheap During the recession, the rate on home loans dropped low – like, super low. On average for a thirty year fixed rate loan you were looking at about 4%, and now that the economy is in recover the rates haven’t risen very high. It won’t last forever though, making now a great time to buy. Once the rates go up, you’re already […]

When you are having trouble with money, everything feels like there is no end in sight. You feel like maybe you can even do the simple things in life. Luckily sex only requires another person, and hot, hot sex comes free if you are willing to experiment. Leaving your sexual encounters in missionary style is just going to get bland after a while, but if you would rather keep things spicy, you need to go further. A change in mentality or even is position does worlds to switch up your sex, and doing things like toys or other forms of kink will really light up your night. New Positions Changing the way you go about sex is free. With a quick search on the Internet or a flip through a book, a whole new, sexual world will open up for you. There are sex positions for every day, and each one feels different and will engender different kinds of dynamic between you and your partner. […]

When you are going out with someone you like, the night can get expensive really quickly. Popular date night activities like movies, restaurants, and going out on the town are all activities that can quickly drain your wallet. However, there are easy ways to make sure that you have a fun date night without losing a ton of money. Each date night depends on the level of comfort you have with the person you are going out with, but this list will provide some good ideas for dating for cheap. Picnic Making your own food costs a lot less than going out for lunch, and on a sunny day a picnic is a fun activity that only costs the money that it took to buy the food for your lunch. The sunshine and sitting on a blanket eating a homemade meal has an almost fairytale like feeling to it, and can end up being very romantic for a lunch. A later picnic can turn into […]