Lincoln Bryant

Giving interviews to prospective employees is not one of the more fun aspects of being a boss, but it is unfortunately a necessary evil. You need to be able to give good interviews so that you can get good quality employees each time that you are seeking more workers. Employees are the backbone of your company on the basis for its success. For this reason, you really cannot get away with poor quality interviews. You may be under the assumption that intimidating reviews of the best times to give. You may think that by intimidating your prospective employees, you are ensuring that you only get the best and the boldest. However, intimidating review processes are not always a good idea. You’re going to want to know if these types of interviews help you or hurt you. It’s important information, and it will help you understand the best way to give interviews. This way, you can always be certain that you are going to be hiring […]

Interviews can be extremely boring for both the candidate and the interviewer. The candidate has probably searched the Internet for common interview questions, and you have probably asked the same questions to candidate after candidate for more times than you can count. When you really want to make things more exciting, as well as see exactly who your candidate is, you should make things a lot more interesting by asking unique questions that your candidate couldn’t have possibly prepared for. Ask Questions that Seem Silly But Reveal a Lot About the Candidate There are several silly questions out there that you may want to consider asking potential candidates. When asked, these questions may not seem to make sense to the candidate, but the answers may tell you a lot about the candidate that they may not reveal when asked the typical, ‘Define your type of leadership’ questions. One question you can ask is what their favorite cereal is. Make sure to watch their facial expression. […]

Everyone needs a computer these days. That’s just a fact of life. Some people rely on smartphones as their own personal computers, but that’s not a viable option for most people. Instead, you’re going to be looking at either laptops or desktop PCs. If you’re in the market for a home computer, then chances are you are going to want a desktop solution. They’re more powerful, and you can achieve more with them, which is what you should want in a home unit. However, now you’re presented with a challenging choice. On the one hand, you could take the time to build the new machine by yourself. On the other, you could just buy a prebuilt computer. What should you do? This isn’t an easy choice. It’s not one you can make without doing some kind of research or consideration first. We’ve created this short informational guide to let you know the facts about prebuilt computers. That way, by the time you are done reading, […]

If you’ve been hanging out in some health and wellness circles or perusing the health-focused part of the Internet then you might have heard a thing or two about kale. You might not know what kale tastes like, or even what it looks like, but you can see evidence of its popularity everywhere. It’s basically the latest health craze and it’s evident. Why is it so popular, though? Is it really worth all the hype? These are great questions to ask yourself because, after all, it’s confusing to see a leafy green garnish touted as the saving grace of the health food world. The Nutritional Value First off, kale is a green that lowers cholesterol and everyone can appreciate that. High cholesterol is a growing problem that a lot of people don’t really know how to fix. It’s also an antioxidant, touted as a cancer preventative, and has a lot of vitamins that are essential to daily living. It’s chalk full of minerals like iron, […]

Balancing diet and exercise can be a tough goal. When you’re not sure what your body needs it can be tough to get it the right combination of nutrition in the kitchen so that you can see the results in the gym. A lot of gym members today don’t want to have to resort to protein powders or muscle building supplements when it’s possible to simply change their diet to a healthier one rich in the proteins they need to bulk up. With gluten free diets on everyone’s lips these days, the real question is whether or not cutting out the gluten will help you get ripped. Be Careful to Get in the Carbs You Need to Work Out Cutting out gluten means cutting out a lot of carbs. As anyone who goes to the gym knows, it’s harder to get up and go when you’re robbing yourself of the energy to do it. You don’t have to completely ditch carbs in order to ditch […]

A lot of people really think that having a small house dog is going to keep you a lot healthier. Sure, there might be rumors and some studies that want to tell you that they can lower your blood pressure and make you feel a lot better, but that’s honestly not going to end up being the case at all. These dogs are more akin to having a toddler than anything else, and as we all know, that can really end up driving up your blood pressure as a general rule. They Get into Everything One of the many reasons that having a small dog is not going to keep you healthy is that they tend to get into everything that’s in your house. Leave down a trash bag? Well, they’re still going to go rooting through it. Just because they’re smaller than the average animal doesn’t mean that they don’t have instincts, and those instincts usually include the idea of eating everything that’s in […]

In financial circles, the “rent versus buy” argument is bigger than “paper versus plastic” or “Apple versus PC.” Owning a house is like passing some special, invisible barrier into actual adulthood. It’s permanent, it reeks of fiscal responsibility, and it makes us feel a little bit more like functional adults. And despite the economy, it’s good financial sense too. It’s a big decision, so it’s understandable to be wary of leaping into a commitment that large. Here are just a few reasons why it makes better financial sense to buy outright than rent for the rest of your life. Mortgage Rates Are Cheap During the recession, the rate on home loans dropped low – like, super low. On average for a thirty year fixed rate loan you were looking at about 4%, and now that the economy is in recover the rates haven’t risen very high. It won’t last forever though, making now a great time to buy. Once the rates go up, you’re already […]

Casual dating isn’t as big a thing as it used to be, so a lot of people aren’t exactly sure of what to do when they’re in that sort of relationship. For guys, we know that we’re supposed to get a lady a gift when it’s serious, but what if you just like her enough to date? You can still get her something that isn’t too flashy and doesn’t demand that you suddenly declare her your girlfriend. These gifts are simple and show her that she’s a step above the rest. A Gift for Two At this point in the relationship you probably want to spend as much time together as possible. That’s fine, get her a fit that you can both enjoy. Doing things together like going to the movies or golfing can be a great time to bond. Over your time dating pay attention to the things that she likes so that you won’t have to guess too much at whether she’ll like […]

There are few things trickier than trying to improve the kissing of a new girlfriend. It’s hard to put up with because a bad kisser makes kissing boring; without enough kissing, it’s hard to move on to the next step in a relationship, which could be things that she’s much better at. Never the less there is simply no good way to tell a woman that she’s not a very good kisser. You don’t want to insult her and you don’t want to damage a new relationship, but you also don’t want to have to put up with bad kisses. Here’s what you should do in order to ease her into these corrections sooner rather than later. Don’t Jump into the Corrections Even if your girlfriend is the worst kisser you’ve ever encountered you need to put up with it at first. If you try to tackle this issue the very first time you kiss, or when you’re only kissing her goodnight at the end […]

When you’re running a business that depends on the work of its employees to keep functioning, especially in an office setting, it’s vital for you to do everything you can to make sure that your staff remains productive. However, at the same time, you also can’t drive them too hard. You don’t want your employees to burn out and become even less efficient at their jobs. That means that you’re going to have to keep a good handle on how your staff feels about their jobs and the progress of your company. A bunch of unhappy employees makes for a company that will soon be going down in flames! You need to learn how to gauge the satisfaction of those working under you, or you’re going to end up in trouble in no time at all. However, how can you go about doing that without causing too many issues? As a matter of fact, it’s going to be a lot simpler than you might think. […]